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IoT app development undoubtedly can uplift your business like a swing. We have a team filled with experts in the same realm who know how to do it. They already stamped their work in multiple domains from healthcare to retail and from automobile to travel. We didn’t leave any stone unturned in building smart solutions for all brands to cater to their needs and demands.

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Our High-End & Business Oriented IoT App Development Services

As a reputed IoT app development company, we look forward to providing IoT app solutions that can fulfill all your needs and requirements besides everything else.

Understanding Requirement

Custom IoT Applications

Create your business custom IoT applications with our proficient developer that builds high-tech and well-advanced next-generation IoT products to elevate your business performance.

 IoT Sensor Development

IoT Sensor Development

Our IoT application development services always take the lead in building some sensors to satisfy the emerging needs of businesses. Sensors are mainly to complete the act of weather forecasting, heat sensors, and voice sensors.

AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)

AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)

Our Artificial Intelligence of Things harnesses the power of a blend of AI/ML and IoT to improve businesses' overall productivity. Infusion these latest and emerging technologies, our skilled team produces automated data processing and analysis in all the conjoined systems. Besides this, they deduce effective and instant decision-making in businesses.

IoT Wearables Connectivity Development

IoT Wearables Connectivity Development

As a trusted IoT application development company, we offer robust and highly scalable wearables app development services. These apps can make users make well-informed decisions regarding their health and fitness.

IoT App Development Consulting

IoT App Development Consulting

If you are looking to put your ideas into practice, IoT Solutions World is the place for you. Advance your existing product with IoT capabilities to take it to the next level of development. The entire process went smoothly or flawlessly when you were with our team.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Maximize your outcomes by making your business data-driven. We develop the needed structure and functions to process, analyze, transform, and visualize all the data from the IoT ecosystem for you. It enables you the look at the bigger picture to make informed decisions.

Benefits of IoT app Development Company

We at IoT Solutions World focus on providing business-centric solutions. We try to fill the gap between the real world and the digital world with innovation and high-tech usable IoT app development services.

Robust Security Measures

The security and safety of sensitive data stand at the top of our priority list while imparting IoT app development services to ensure the seamless functionality of your IoT app.

Extensive Scalability

Our Custom IoT solution performs remarkably by not being affected by the workload and user numbers. We try to scale the existing infrastructure of your custom IoT application to support tens of thousands of connected devices.

Top-Notch Connectivity

Since Connectivity is the foremost aspect of IoT app development, We relies on the right networking protocols to guarantee a hassle-free experience with smooth connectivity.

Prioritizing usability

We keep in mind your input while designing your custom IoT app development. Our experts try to devise a highly interactive and user-friendly solution for you that stands beyond your expectations.

Timely deployment

Our team is well-versed in following a strict and agile methodology to offer the desired solution to our clients within the specified timeline.

Maintenance and Assistance

We uses a modular and scalable architecture that allows developers to assist any user instantly with their urgent requirements. So, we try to do things as soon as possible to prevent any discrepancy in our client business.

Our Technology Stack

Know how our dedicated IoT app development team offers impeccable solutions to streamline your business.

  • Connectivity

  • 5G-LTE
  • DNS
  • Azure IoT
  • VPN
  • Back-end Programming Languages

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Nodejs
  • Front-end Programming Languages

  • ReactJs
  • AngularJs
  • TypeScript
  • Dart
  • Protocols

  • HTTP
  • Zigbee
  • CoAP
  • Z-Wave
  • Cloud Platforms

  • Helium
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • AWS IoT
  • Ubidots
  • Web Services

  • WebSockets
  • GraphQL
  • SOAP
  • Swagger

Our IoT App Development Approach

We closely work with our clients to gather their unique business needs and offer the most innovative and usable environment to clients. Our IoT app development approach. Unleash the full potential of IoT to refine your business with our swift and flexible IoT app development process.

  • Planning

    Understanding Requirement

    During the understanding phase, we work to discover the business needs, goals, and challenges.

  • Strategy planning

    Strategy planning

    Based on the understanding, we build customized IoT strategies to align with your business goals. This involves defining the scope of the project, choosing the appropriate IoT technologies, and outlining the development process.

  • Design and Development

    Design and Development

    Our team of designers and developers creates and user-centric design and then developers turn the design into a functional IoT application. We emphasize in creating a seamless user experience and use agile development methodologies.

  • Testing


    Before delivering the application, we closely test it to make sure the application meets high-quality standards and functionalities. We connect both manual and automatic methods of testing to find out and resolve any bugs.

  • Delivery & Support

    Delivery & Support

    Once the testing completes, we deploy the application and provide ongoing support to ensure smooth functioning. We also provide training and documentation to help your team to get the most out of the application.

Industries We Serve

Success Stories

Our team of IoT application development with their experience cater to the needs and demands of businesses of various industries. Here, are some snippets of our services.


Creation of a factory of the future to enhance overall productivity

Our client is a competent airplane manufacturer relying on IoT to develop a factory to streamline their operation and manufacturing process. We infused sensors in their machinery and tools to keep an eye on each step involved in the process to prevent any mistakes and speed up production. Besides this, we implement some smart wearables in the plant ecosystem to ensure workplace safety mainly by usage of smart glass and bands.


IoT-based air quality monitoring to keep pollution on track

We all are facing huge pollution levels in the environment and facing severe impacts due to the same. To address this issue, we helped our client produce an IoT-based mobile app that can check the air quality for both private and business use. Our solution has three aspects cloud, app, and device to monitor the quality index. Through IoT technology, it checks for the quality of the air that we inhale by measuring factors like temperature, humidity, pressure, and VOC levels indoors.


IoT incorporated automated solutions for a renowned school network

Our client is a forerunner in the education sector offering quality education to the students. They are looking to reduce their manual labor to increase productivity by automating attendance and registration tasks through some next-generation technology. It demands a system that can track students whether they are present in the school or not. Thus, IoT Solutions World came into the game here. Our experts devised an app through IoT app development with the assistance of our experts.

Our Client Testimonials

What we aim for is happy clients and we are achieving it. Look what they say about us.

“Even after the deployment of our solution, IoT Solutions World doesn’t leave any stone unturned to provide us with maintenance services. They are responsive and take a look into the matter of issue instantly to provide us with solutions for flawless business functionality. ”

John Carlton (Head of Operations, Issotech Solutions)

“I want to thank the dedicated team of IoT Solutions World for providing us with IoT app development within the time limit. Furthermore, the team's efficiency throughout the entire process is commendable.”

Rita Morris (Manager, GOAL International)

“The decision to go ahead with your team is a game-changer gamble for us. We are witnessing huge improvement in our business productivity and revenue. It is all because of their IoT solution that is reliable and performs seamlessly.”

Rebecca Anderson (Analytics Head, Thrifty Tech Ltd.)


  • Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced efficiency of the process
  • Data-driven insights for making a valuable or beneficial decision for the business
  • Improved user experience
  • Uninterrupted incoming information

IoT app development refined mobile applications by enabling them to interact with and control smart devices, and accumulation of real-time business information. Moreover, it provides personalized and context-aware experiences leading to improved user experience.

Some of the commonly used technologies in the entire process:

  • MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP/HTTPS for communication
  • Cloud platforms like AWS IoT and Azure IoT for backend services
  • Programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and Swift for front-end development.

Some of the robust security measures for IoT applications are executing strong authentication, using encryption for data transit, guarded device management, frequent updating of firmware, and regular tracking to check for any potential vulnerabilities.

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